Samso champions innovative products and services

Our promise . . . to maintain high ethical standards that benefit people and the environment.

Our goal . . . to help our clients achieve their business targets and make the world a better place.

The cornerstone of Samso Group’s company values is the shared value concept that aims to create measurable business value by identifying and addressing social and environmental problems. Samso Group will create business opportunities that leverage the power of market-based competition in addressing social and environmental problems.

Samso Group believes in reducing supply chain costs both monetarily and environmentally, this is done by grouping the key components of the supply chain together. We strive to produce our products in the regions and countries that consume them.


Samso Group was established 2014

The idea of Samso Group derived from its namesake Samsø an island off the coast of Denmark that has done something quite remarkable by becoming the world’s first island that is completely powered by renewable energy. This wasn’t achieved by a government initiative or scheme it was done by the people of the island making a concerted effort to work together to improve their own lives and the environment.

The spirit of teamwork and being conscious of the environment and each other are the founding principles of Samso Group. This shared value concept is what we aim to apply to many different products and services. Our first product we are offering in North and South America is the “Flexicarry” and this new take on the standard four beverage carrier is benefiting the end user, the customer and reducing waste and the carbon footprint in the supply chain.

Samso Group will continue to support innovations across a wide spectrum of markets and industries that provide shared value.


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